North Koreans forced to produce 100kg of human excrement every day

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un has demanded that every citizen turn over an impossible 100kg of human manure a day for fertiliser in an effort to boost the country's struggling agriculture, according to reports.

The hermit kingdom's leader first made agriculture the forefront of the economic recovery during his New Year's address.

This led to the mass mobilisation of the nation to fulfil the government's wishes and ensure the human manure quotas are met. If people don't meet their quota, they have to supply over 600 pounds of compost or livestock manure, according to Radio Free Asia.

"The entire population has been mobilised to produce manure as the first major task of the year," a source said. "The authorities in each local region task factories, institutions and citizens groups with assigning production quotas to each individual."

"They are demanding that each person produce 100kg of human faeces per day, or about three tons per month," the person added. "But how on earth can it be possible for one person to make three tons of human faeces and deliver it?"

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