What the papers say – January 26

A variety of stories make the front pages on Saturday, with new plans to retain teachers, recycling and a cancer diagnosis for Debbie McGee all featuring on the fronts.

The Times leads with NHS plans to offer gene tests which promise to “predict the risk of cancer, dementia and other diseases”.

The Guardian runs with proposals to retain teachers, which include more job shares and giving them a lighter workload.

The FinancialTimes says that “fake invoices” have been cited as part of the reason why Patisserie Valerie collapsed.

The i leads with what it calls the “great bread bag scandal”, reporting that nine in 10 councils will not accept bread and frozen food packaging for recycling.

The Independent says tens of thousands of crimes are not resulting in prosecution.

The DailyMirror says 13 children have been removed from their families due to concerns over computer use.

The Sun carries an interview with McGee after the TV star said she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The DailyMail calls on its readers to join in a nationwide litter clean up.

The DailyExpress reports the Queen is looking to “heal” a Britain which has been divided by Brexit.