Conspiracy theorists claim that Meghan Markle's baby bump is fake

Ever since Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry in a celebrity-studded affair back in May, royal observers have been (not so) patiently waiting for one announcement.

The "we're pregnant!" news came on October 15th, five months after the two wed. The Duke and Duchess had just arrived in Australia, ready to begin their two-week tour of the pacific when Kensington Palace broke the news.

And while eagle-eyed observers had been watching Meghan's belly for any hint of a bump far before the announcement was actually made, the duchess didn't really start showing until the middle of her trip, when she arrived at a state dinner in Fiji with quite a bump.

Over the course of the past several months, royal fans have had the opportunity to watch Meghan's bump grow. The duchess, who is 6 months along in her pregnancy, has frequently chosen to transform regular outfits into maternity wear (from black tie gowns to simple designer selections), all the while developing some backlash for her mum-to-be fashion choices and gestures.

One habit that much of the public can't seem to get past? Meghan's tendency to cradle her baby bump, which, by the way, has been proven to be beneficial for both the baby and the royal.

But the latest criticism of Baby Sussex is, by far, the most extreme. Some conspiracy theorists are claiming that the duchess isn't pregnant at all -- and that her bump is fake. Many social media users have even gone so far as to claim that the Duchess of Sussex is actually wearing an inflatable belly.

Yes, seriously.

Meanwhile, others are certain that the former actress is actually using a surrogate. "Some believe Prince Harry & Meghan are using a surrogate as she previously told her ex-husband she could not get pregnant," alleges one tweeter.