Brexit vote ‘D-day’: The papers give their view

Theresa May is facing a potentially crushing Commons defeat for her Brexit deal on Tuesday.

Here is how the country’s papers view the historic moment in British politics.

In a front-page editorial, the Daily Mail demands MPs “put your personal prejudices aside – and put your country first”.

“Their choice is simple: provide the certainty the nation yearns for – or lead us into a dark and hazardous unknown. The stakes could hardly be higher.”

The Daily Mirror appeals to the Prime Minister on it front page, calling on her to accept it is time to find an alternative.

The paper says: “Dear Prime Minister, your deal dies today. So, in the interests of national unity will you please open up your eyes (and ears) and start looking for a Plan B.”

The Daily Telegraph calls for MPs to “reject this dreadful Brexit agreement”.

“We regret having to stand against the position of a Tory Prime Minister and reject the result of nearly two years of negotiations, but it would be a historic mistake for MPs to endorse this dreadful deal.”

The Times says Britain should now “brace itself for a prolonged period of chaos”.

“By rejecting Mrs May’s proposal, Britain is heading for uncharted waters. The prime minister has lost the confidence of her cabinet, her party and parliament yet looks set to limp on with the same failed plan.”

On its front page, the Daily Express appeals to MPs to back the PM.

“It is now high time to start delivering a Brexit that suits the country and despite the clamour of her detractors, Mrs May still offers our best opportunity to that end.”

The Guardian criticises the PM for postponing the original vote in December, saying she has wasted valuable time for Parliament.

The paper adds: “Mrs May has driven her party to resignations and recriminations. It would be better for her to realise the error of her ways and adopt a different, more inclusive approach within – and without – the Conservative party.”

The Sun points the finger of blame at the European Union, saying it has been motivated by punishing Britain for leaving.

“If the EU hadn’t repeatedly boasted that it now had us over a barrel, yesterday’s last-gasp letter from Juncker and Tusk might have carried some weight with MPs,” the paper says.

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