Helicopter pulls off crazy move to rescue stranded skier

A first-responder helicopter pilot showed off his unbelievable skills while rescuing a skier in the French Alps.

The man was left writhing in pain after dislocating his knee while skiing in the Pass of Anterne with some friends. Stranded at 6,500 feet, things could have become drastic if a skilled helicopter hadn't found a way to rescue him.

The amazing video that is now going viral shows the helicopter finding the man on the hill and slowly lowering, cramming it's nose into the snow while the rest of the vehicle remained airborne. This was made even more impressive as strong winds whipped through the blades, trying to knock the helicopter out of its very delicate balance.

Though the footage has now gone viral, the pilot insists this was routine. He told the Epoch Times, "This maneuver is taught to all pilots who pass the mountain qualification."

Watch the daring rescue above.

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