Elephant stops trucks to steal sugar cane

This is the moment a sweet-toothed elephant stopped passing trucks so it could steal a trunk full of sugar cane.

The juvenile male, nicknamed Auan-tia by a park ranger, ambled out of the woods and blocked the road as though it was its own checkpoint'.

The wild elephant then happily took the agricultural products from fully stacked passing trailers in the Wildlife Sanctuary in Chachoengsao, Thailand.

Looted food before holding up the next truck

Auan-tia spent several minutes foraging through each truck in the convoy which had been travelling from a local farm. After sniffing through one vehicle, it looted food before holding up the next truck in the line and doing the same.

Khun Angluenai, a government wildlife officer who captured the video, said: ''The elephant was checking every car that passed. I think it believed it was a police inspector.

"It was like it had set up its own checkpoint to look through the vehicles, just like officers do. When it finished inside one car, it went on to the next one.''

The elephant trundled back into the jungle after it had finished lunch.

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