Scotland must make progress in tackling plastic pollution, says MSP

Significant progress must be made in Scotland in an effort to tackle plastic pollution, an MSP has said.

Kate Forbes, SNP member for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch, last year launched a campaign to ban plastic straws in the country.

In February 2018, the Scottish Parliament stopped using plastic straws in its cafes, bar and canteen.

Several public bodies, supermarkets, cafes, bars and restaurants also ditched plastic straws in favour of biodegradable alternatives.

Ms Forbes, who was named as a finalist for the RSPB’s Nature of Scotland Award for her campaigning, believes that progress on the issue must be made in 2019.

“It has now been a year since I launched the Final Straw campaign,” said Ms Forbes.

“Since then, lots of retailers have stopped providing or selling plastic straws and the Scottish Government has committed to phasing in a ban on plastic straws.

“An adviser was also appointed by the Scottish Government to consider how any proposed ban will affect disabled people and ensure that there are no unintended consequences.

“Ultimately, a plastic straw is just one symbol of single-use plastic and the problem is much wider than straws.

“Litter still plagues our coastlines and we’re still consuming too much plastic.

“2018 was a hugely succesful year for raising awareness of single use plastic – I hope 2019 builds on that.”