Facebook deletes page of 'yellow vest' protesters responsible for abuse of MPs outside Parliament

Facebook and Paypal accounts used to organise 'yellow vest' protests in London have been suspended amid claims participants are harassing MPs.

James Goddard, an online activist was filmed calling Tory Remain MP Anna Soubry a Nazi on Monday, said he had been "silenced" on Facebook after his profile appeared to disappear.

Mr Goddard has been described as 'organiser' of the so-called "yellow vest" protests outside the Houses of Parliament, and across London as the Brexit countdown continues.

A Facebook spokesman said: "We have removed James Goddard's Facebook pages and groups for violating our policies on hate speech.

"We will not tolerate hate speech on Facebook which creates an environment of intimidation and which may provoke real-world violence."

A link to his PayPal account, where supporters are encouraged to "support (his) work" also failed to load on Tuesday afternoon with veteran Channel 4 News journalist Michael Crick reporting it had been shut down.

Mr Goddard said on Twitter: "Do you actually think you're going to stop me! I take great offence at being called far right and fascist!"

After the group's first protest on December 14, Mr Goddard wrote on Facebook that he would be "confronting the Remoaners at Parliament and challenging the corrupt establishment" six days a week.

Posting a link to his PayPal, he claimed: "I'm not in this to make money, I'm in it because I genuinely believe in what I say."

Other "yellow vest" protesters have included former supporters of groups including the English Defence League, Britain First and anti-Islam Pegida UK.

It is believed the 'yellow vests' may be organising demonstrations in Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds this coming weekend.

The news comes as more than 60 MPshave called on police to prevent themfrom "aggressive, threatening and intimidating behaviour" towards MPs, journalists and pro-Remain protesters outside parliament.

Mr Goddard has previously made speeches in support of Tommy Robinson at protests, and was known for arguing with Muslims at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park.

- This article first appeared on Yahoo

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