What the papers say – January 7

The arrest of Wayne Rooney for public intoxication features on many Monday papers, along with the launch of a new 10-year plan for the NHS.

The Times leads with a “budget boost” for the NHS, with a series of commitments on cancer, mental health and heart disease set to be unveiled.

The DailyTelegraph carries a similar story, focusing on genetic tests being offered to children with cancer and adults as part of plans to save 487,000 lives by 2028.

The Guardian carries a story about Brexit on the front page, reporting that Theresa May will “plea” for EU leaders to offer a concession on the Irish border backstop.

The FinancialTimes runs with a meeting between the US and China who are both under pressure to end their tariff war.

The Metro leads with the booking picture of Rooney who was fined for an “airport outburst”, according to the paper.

The Daily Mirror also reports on the arrest of Rooney, calling it a “booze shame”.

The Sun refers to the DC United striker as “Boozy Roo”.

While the DailyStar also carries the same story.

The DailyMail reports on the NHS plans, carrying a warning from Chancellor Philip Hammond that extra money isn’t wasted.

The DailyExpress also carries the NHS funding announcement, saying there will be “improved maternity care” and “life-changing stroke therapy”.