Scientists warn a meteor swarm in 2019 could contain large hidden asteroids

Two scientists have called for a special observation campaign in 2019 to look for large objects hidden in a meteor shower expected to take place in June.

The warning comes as scientists study a mysterious event that occurred over Siberia in 1908.

On June 30 of that year, a large object the size of an apartment building exploded in the atmosphere over Siberia, flattening trees for 800 square miles.

Scientists now believe this powerful impact may have been caused by a Beta Taurid.

The Taurids are meteor showers that occur twice a year, in late June and late October or early November.

According to data collected by the scientists, 2019's Taurid event promises a dense cluster of space material.

Could something large and potentially devastating be lurking within it?

Find out more in the video above.