Quotes from Paddy Ashdown’s life

Some of Paddy Ashdown’s memorable quotes:

“Most people think I am a rampant carnivore, but there is an oddly feminine quality to my character.”

“I can create institutions, but I can’t rewrite the chips in people’s heads.”

“It’s not my job to be popular. I’m goal-driven; my job is to get results.”

“Politics is about putting yourself in a state of grace.”

“There can be no place in a 21st-century parliament for people with 15th-century titles upholding 19th-century prejudices.”

“Blair is regarded by most people in Britain as a smarmy git.”

“The multinational corporations now developing budgets often bigger than medium-sized countries — these live in a global space which is largely unregulated, not subject to the rule of law, and in which people may act free of constraint.”