UFO hunters claim this image shows a pyramid on Mars

Alien hunters are claiming that an image taken by Nasa's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter over a decade ago shows an artificial structure on the Red Planet.

The three sided peak taken from above the surface appears to show what looks like a pyramid, similar to the ones found in Egypt. But despite the image being over 10 years old, conspiracy theorists are once again throwing claims around the internet.

Alien theorist, Scott C Waring, told the Daily Express: "I found a giant three-sided pyramid on Mars in a Gigapan photo. The pyramid has one smooth side, which is probably the original outer coating that was made for it, but the other two sides have severely eroded".

So, is it an alien pyramid? The short and rather disappointing answer is no. Nasa hasn't accidentally found evidence of a former advanced civilization. Despite the artefact looking like a giant pyramid, it is in fact, only 130 feet by 98 feet.

Another dampener on the alien theories is that the mound is located in one of the deepest canyons in the solar system - making it a highly unsuitable spot to build in.

Mars continues to fascinate and as scientists continue to probe its secrets - it's likely to continue to throw up the odd mystery.