Bomb-maker’s dartboard featured pictures of celebrities and refugees


The dartboard found in the home of bomb-maker Matthew Glynn features images of the Duchess of Cambridge, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Ashley Jensen with refugee children.

Glynn showed the board to colleague James Grogan and told him it showed “people he hated”, Bristol Crown Court heard.

He had already expressed racist and homophobic views at work and boasted of having a collection of weapons and explosives.

The board featured newspaper cuttings, including one from the Metro from December 12, 2016.

This featured an article about actress Ashley Jensen visiting refugees on the island of Lesbos.

She was pictured with her arms around two young boys who had fled fighting in Syria.

Ramin Pakrooh, representing Glynn, said his client could not recall who the “blonde lady” in the article was.

There was also an article about the Duchess of Cambridge and the Heads Together campaign, co-ordinated by Kate, husband William and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Glynn’s board featured an image of Barack Obama, as well as images of Justin Bieber and Cheryl Tweedy.

Mr Pakrooh told the court: “It was a board for people he hated.

“I don’t think any of the images on that board have escaped having the darts thrown at them.”

He said it was inaccurate for prosecutors to describe it as a “Muslim board”.

Experts spent four days combing through Glynn’s property, with neighbours evacuated and a busy road closed.

The Army’s bomb disposal unit removed a viable device under Glynn’s bed.

In total, more than 6kg of homemade explosive powder and 23 improvised devices were recovered, along with more than 200 knives and blades.

Glynn told officers he had built the bomb a year before it was discovered and planned to detonate it in a field.

Detective Inspector David Lewis, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: “Whatever Glynn’s motives were at the time he built the bomb only he truly knows.

“What is clear is that he once held distasteful and unacceptable views and continued to have a fascination with explosives and other weapons.

“Ultimately, his actions endangered the safety of his family and his neighbours as well as those of the emergency responders who searched his home and he has now paid the price.”

He thanked Mr Grogan for bringing the weapons to the attention of police.