Maajid Nawaz compares Brexit to a taxi ride with no destination

LBC radio host Maajid Nawaz has attracted attention with his latest take on Brexit. The former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate and political activist compared the UK leaving the European Union to a taxi driver not knowing the destination of his passengers.

Prime Minister Theresa May has dismissed growing calls from MPs to hold another national referendum or 'People's Vote' in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock.

However, Maajid used his taxi analogy to explain why he thinks one is needed. In his analogy he compares Brexiteers not explaining how they want to leave the EU to a family going on holiday but refusing to tell their taxi driver which airport to drive to.

It won praise from listeners, with one tweeting: "Maajid's taxi analogy is PERFECT! Who's paying the fare? Will Cabby May be expecting a tip?"

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