Jet2 holiday sickness fraud caught out by CCTV

A cheating couple, with 11 children, who tried to claim £20,000 compensation for 'falling sick' on holiday in Turkey were exposed as liars - after one was filmed dancing by the poolside. The couple were convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud and were ordered to pay £30,000 to the Jet2 Holidays.

Martin Brown, 38, and his wife Lindsey, 35, lodged the claim with their holiday company saying they were struck with a tummy bug at a resort in 2016. The pair told Jet2holidays they were left seriously ill during a 10-day all-inclusive break via Jet2holidays at the Emre Hotel in Marmaris.

Mr Brown had told the firm that he had been bed-ridden after falling ill, but CCTV caught him engaged in hijinks at the hotel pool.

Social media posts on Facebook also showed the incompetent couple enjoying evenings out. According to the Sun, Mr Brown even told fellow holidaymakers about his plans to fabricate a false sickness claim to win compensation - and that he had even done it before.

A fellow holidaymaker told investigators that Martin Brown was not ill and was in a bar until 'daft o clock' and didn't seem ill.

Speaking after the sentencing, Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays told the Sun: "Martin and Lindsey Brown travelled to Turkey having already worked out how to make a fraudulent sickness claim, but thanks to our robust investigation their deception has been uncovered".