Brave surfer breaks record for riding the biggest wave

Daredevil Tom Butler may have just surfed his way into the history books.

The Cornwall pro took on a 100-foot wave in Portugal over the weekend, hoping to not only break a record, but prove to himself that he could best the waves that had almost ended his career a few years before.

Butler first tackled the famous Nazare swells in 2015, and though he made headlines, it wasn't because it ended well. After a wave got the best of him, he suffered major injuries including bleeding from the ears and a collapsed lung.

His return to Portugal couldn't have been more epic.

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Onlookers caught his fearless attempt on camera, where he can barely be seen against the backdrop of the massive wave.

"It's like running from a raging bull," he told SWNS afterwards, "you don't stop to think about how much it weighs - if you get eye contact then you've already failed."

Watch the wild footage above.

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