Piers Morgan has applied to be President Trump's Chief of Staff

Piers Morgan has once again teased that he could quit Good Morning Britain after applying to become President Trump's Chief of Staff.

The presenter won The Celebrity Apprentice USA in 2008, and is hoping that leaves him in good stead to be hired by the President.

Incredibly, this isn't even a joke, as The White House released a statement saying: "The White House is aware of Mr Morgan's interest in the job."

Morgan said during Wednesday's Good Morning Britain: "Donald Trump needs a new Chief of Staff so I made a formal application. I feel I'm perfect for it. He hired me once when I won Celebrity Apprentice. We know each other. We've worked together a long time."

Morgan set out a list of reasons why he should get the job.

Reading the first one, co-host Susanna Reid said: "You need someone who will look you in the eye and tell you you're being an idiot."

Morgan continued: "Mr President. Your policy, for example, to remove children from parents at the border is idiotic and if you continue to do it you're an idiot. Don't do it."

The list also included: "You shouldn't send a single tweet without discussing it first with me."

"He needs a temperate, calm pair of eyes. I'm the perfect person," said Morgan. "Like him I have a massive following. Like him I can be impetuous. I can tell him that tweet is a bad idea. It's not going to work. If you're whacking Madonna fine, but don't do this."

Reid was shocked by the final point, which stated that Morgan would save the USA money because he wouldn't have to be paid.

"Why don't you need the salary? How much are we paying you? What's going on?" asked a confused Reid.

To which Morgan replied: "Do two years and write a book for £40million. I've thought it all through. My White House diaries."

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