Man who wanted gay people dead, until his son came out

Staff writer

A call from a remorseful father who admitted to LBC radio host, Nick Ferrari, that he used to hate gay people so much he wanted them "dead", revealed that his son came out to him as gay.

Mark from Hull was hailed as "courageous" by listeners after his "powerful" and "honest" admission about how he'd attacked gay men and was vehemently homophobic, until he was called into his son's school.

"I was brought up with a religious view that homosexuality was wrong, disgusting, dirty - I took that to the extreme, I absolutely hated homosexuals, he told Nick.

He went on to tell the shocked LBC host, "I would go to the local area where homosexuals used to go out and bash them... I'm ashamed to say I did that."

The call was prompted after US celebrity, Kevin Hart, stepped down from hosting next year's Oscars after a row erupted over a string of 'homophobic' tweets.

Mark went on to tell a stunned Nick Ferrari: "My son sat with four teachers and he said that he thought he was gay."

"I felt absolutely sick and ashamed - not at my son, but at myself."

Mark then went on to say how he's embraced his son's lifestyle and changed his views, so much so, that he's been to gay clubs with his son and has become accepting of other ways to lead a life.