Lip reader reveals what leaders said during President Bush's funeral

Staff writer

All of the living former presidents and vice presidents appeared together Wednesday to mourn the death of President George H.W. Bush in Washington, D.C.

Many political rivals came face-to-face as they paid their respects to America's 41st president.

Inside Edition spoke to expert lip reader Larry Wenig to help find out what everyone was talking about as the cameras were pointed on them.

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were especially chummy.

He said Clinton said, "I love it," and mentioned the word "family" as she spoke to Obama. Clinton also told her, "I am so proud of you," according to Wenig.

Jimmy Carter introduced his wife to Vice President Mike Pence, and according to Wenig, no first names were uttered, just titles.

When the Pences walked over to greet Clinton, there appeared to be talk of an event.

"You invite me too," Wenig says Clinton told Karen Pence.

Wenig could not tell what Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump were chatting about, but there didn't seem to be any awkward silences.

Many observers noted how Trump had bought a sense of tension to the service, later failing to recite a prayer or acknowledge the Clintons. In a rare spectacle of unity most of Washington's political elites came together to remember the life of the 41st President of the United States.

The body of the former president was carried to his final resting place alongside his wife, Barbara and daughter, Robin at his presidential library in Austin, Texas.