Residents left fuming after toilet built on street

Residents of a leafy suburb in Bromley have been left fuming after a toilet block resembling a Dr Who Tardis was built on their street - and it's only for the use of bus drivers.

While it may be a bonus for bus drivers caught short in the area, furious locals fear it could drive down house prices.

Local resident Stephanie Willis, 33, said: "I was at work and saw it on Facebook and thought the image was Photoshopped and I laughed."

But she went on to tell the BBC: "I was indeed mistaken. It was actually a great big lavatory erected for use by bus drivers who terminate their service at the bottom of our road twice an hour Monday to Saturday with the last bus leaving at 20:25.

"We were not given any notice that this 'turdis' was going to be put on our street. It was just dumped there - as if it fell out of the sky.

"I have never seen anything like that on a residential street before, it is just hideous.

"I feel sorry for our poor neighbours who literally walk down the steps and into the toilet's front door".

Transport for London's director of projects and programmes, Nick Fairholme, has issued an apology to residents who were unaware of the plan, saying: "Unfortunately our courtesy letters did not reach all residents."

The toilet has already been vandalised.

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