Donald Trump has been taking advice on Theresa May's Brexit deal from Nigel Farage

Donald Trump has been taking advice from Nigel Farage on the UK's Brexit deal, the former Ukip leader has revealed.

Nigel Farage confirmed that he has been speaking with the US President about the deal and had had a conversation with him ahead of Mr Trump's comments saying that the deal: "sounds like a great deal for the EU".

Speaking on LBC, Mr Farage said: "You will not be surprised to hear we spoke about Brexit and the state of play. I did say it was 'shaping up to be the worst deal in history'."

Advice – Mr Trump apparently spoke to Nigel Farage two weeks ago (Picture: REUTERS/Jim Young)

He said: "I gave my, well not opinion, but fact, that any prospect of a trade deal between the UK and the USA – even a glimmer until at least 2022, which is of course six years after we voted to leave and would be half way through his second term."

The confirmation comes after Buzzfeed reported that Mr Farage had been advising Mr Trump on Prime Minister Theresa May's deal.

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On Monday the US President said the UK "may not be able" to do a trade deal with the US under Mrs May's agreement, adding that it "sounds like a great deal for the EU".

He said: "I think we have to take a look at seriously whether or not the UK is allowed to trade because you know right now, if you look at the deal they may not be able to trade with us," he said.

"That wouldn't be a good thing. I don't think they meant that, I don't think the prime minister meant that and hopefully she'll be able to do something about that but right now as the deal stands they may not be able to trade with the US and I don't think they want that at all, that would be a very big negative for the deal."

His comments were seen by many as a blow for Mrs May as she tries to win support for her Brexit deal plans.

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