Lost Amazon drivers are wreaking havoc in Kent

Lost Amazon drivers are wreaking havoc in the Kent countryside and mistaking quaint cottages for the retail giant's new distribution centre.

Confused HGV drivers are having to knock on villagers' doors to ask for directions and reverse their juggernauts down narrow country lanes in a bid to locate the 34,000 square metre warehouse.

Residents were mistakenly asked to sign for building materials and air conditioning compartments before the depot opened last month, as suppliers failed to navigate the winding roads in Hoo, Kent.

Emma Lawrence, who lives near the site, said the situation is 'getting ridiculous' after 20 lorries turned up at her address within a week.

She added: "Drivers are knocking on people's doors saying 'I've got industrial hoovers' and they're like 'do I look like an Amazon warehouse?"

"I'm telling so many lorries to go back the other way, it's getting ridiculous."

"I saw about 20 lorries last week and that was just in daylight hours, but you get them at night too - it's just constant."

Watch the video above for a glimpse of the chaos.