Tree planting, walks and forest meditation to mark ‘tree charter day’

Hundreds of events are taking place across the UK to mark the first national day dedicated to trees and people, the Woodland Trust has said.

Tree and orchard planting, sculpture walks, forest meditation sessions, pub-based tree talks and library exhibitions are all taking place as part of the first national “tree charter day” on Saturday, the Trust said.

The day is one of the legacies of the charter for trees, woods and people, unveiled last year at Lincoln Castle following involvement from more than 70 organisations, 300 community groups and 100,000 members of the public.

The charter aims to put trees and woods at the centre of national decision making and back into people’s lives, the Woodland Trust said.

The first national Street Tree Awards will also be held at Alexandra Palace, London, celebrating communities and councils protecting and planting trees in urban areas.

Autumn colours on show in Tring Park in Hertfordshire
Autumn colours on show in Tring Park in Hertfordshire

Beccy Speight, Woodland Trust chief executive said: “People and trees lean on each other. But for years, we’ve been drifting apart.

“What better time than Tree Charter Day to mark the role they play in your life?

“Hundreds of different events and activities will be taking place across the UK, everyone should be able to find a way to celebrate with the trees and woods near them.

Children in a forest
Children in a forest

“The charter’s vision of a future where people and trees are stronger together, will become a reality through the way we all think about trees, what we do to defend and care for them, and how we choose to include them in our lives from now on.”

People can find out about the charter for trees, woods and people and events near them on the Woodland Trust website www.woodlandtrust