Sir David Attenborough to take ‘people’s seat’ at UN climate talks

Sir David Attenborough has warned unprecedented action is needed on global warming, ahead of taking “the people’s seat” at United Nations climate talks.

Sir David is part of an initiative launched by the UN to bring the voice of people from around the world to the international climate talks in Poland next month.

The naturalist and TV presenter will take up what the UN is calling “the people’s seat”, and will give “the people’s address” to governments at the talks based on views gathered from citizens in the run-up to the meeting.

Polling and the hashtag #TakeYourSeat on social media will be used to collect people’s experiences and opinions of climate change over the next few weeks.

There will also be the launch of the Facebook Messenger “ActNow” Bot on the UN’s central Facebook account, which will recommend everyday actions people can take – like eating less meat or taking public transport. will track the number of actions to highlight the impact that collective action can have for the planet, organisers said.

Governments are meeting in Poland to discuss implementing the Paris Agreement on climate change, which was secured in the French capital three years ago, and raising ambition to meet its goals to curb global warming.

It comes in the wake of warnings from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that urgent and dramatic action across the whole of the economy and society is needed to cut emissions to prevent dangerous climate change.

Sir David said: “We all know climate change is a global problem – and for that it requires a global solution.

“This is an opportunity for people from across the globe, regardless of their nationality or circumstances, to be part of the most important discussion of this century; the unprecedented action needed to reach the Paris Agreement targets.

“I encourage everyone to take their seats and to add their voice so that the People’s Address truly represents a mix of voices from across the world.”