Miraculous escape for baby after it slips under moving train

This is the moment a one-year-old baby had a miraculous escape after falling under a moving train at a station in Northern India.

The girl slipped out of her mother's arms when she was getting off the train and fell through the narrow gap between the platform and the carriages.

Video footage shows the desperate mother watch helplessly as the train then moves away with the baby underneath.

Incredibly, the little girl - who was lying right between the two tracks - was totally unhurt, and video shows her being scooped up and put in the arms of her crying mum.

Witness Asif Khan said: "No one expected her to survive. There was jubilation, everyone wanted to touch and bless the girl."

CB Prasad, Station House Officer at Mathura Junction told the Metro: "Sonu, a scrap dealer, was travelling with his wife Raano and two daughters Raina, three, and Shaiba, one, to Jhansi. The family had boarded the general coach of Samata Express on Tuesday morning but soon realised a bag in which they had kept the train ticket was missing. Sonu first disembarked from the train followed by his wife Raano who held both the kids. Unfortunately, their one year old daughter slipped from her arms and wedged between the railway tracks and platform."

It has also been reported that the mother passed out from the shock a short time after being reunited with her child.