Shoplifting dog has an eye for style

Security cameras at the Viaport Shopping Centre in Istanbul, Turkey, captured this shaggy shoplifter.

The persistent canine made several attempts to snatch a pink designer jumper, despite the attentions of a security guard.

And further footage reveals the same dog stealing a white T-shirt from another shop, as well as a shawl from a cafeteria in the shopping centre.

The management of the shopping centre said there was a pack of stray dogs roaming in the vicinity, but that they had no problem with their presence.

General Manager of Via Group Ogün Turanlı told "We follow the event with a smile. Street animals are the crown of our heads. Our visitors are also very happy with this situation, they feed them with their own dishes. We take measures for their safety, nutrition and care, we are very happy together. Nearly everyone is feeding cat or dog in our home."