Oblivious scooter rider almost crushed by out-of-control lorry

A scooter luckily escaped being crushed by an out-of-control lorry after they both jumped a red light on a road.

The CCTV video, filmed in Nantong City in eastern Jiangsu Province, China, on November 11, shows a lorry suddenly losing control and tipping over onto the road after it tries to avoid a scooter at an intersection.

The lorry can be seen tilting toward the scooter just seconds after it drives away.

According to reports, the lorry failed to stop in time and rushed through the zebra crossing when the traffic lights turned red - losing control as it tried to avoid the scooter - also jumping the red light.

The lorry lost control and flipped over - but the scooter driver didn't even notice and drove away calmly..

Fortunately, no casualties were reported. The lorry driver has had points deducted from his license and was fined, while no more information about the scooter driver is known.

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