Far-right terrorist who denied supporting Hitler had SS tattoo

A female far-right terrorist who denied supporting Hitler once celebrated his birthday with a cake and had an SS-inspired tattoo on her back.

Claudia Patatas was convicted of being a member of the banned “racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic organisation” National Action following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

Jurors were told how she and partner Adam Thomas, who was also convicted of the same charge, had given their baby son the middle name “Adolf” in honour of the Nazi leader.

National Action court case
National Action members Adam Thomas and his partner Claudia Patatas with their new born baby, posing with a Swastika flag at their home. (West Midlands Police/PA)

Following her arrest in January 2017 by counter-terrorism police, she told officers that while interested in Hitler’s ideology “what he did was horrible”, claiming that she “did not support” Nazism.

However, the jury were shown images of the 38-year-old’s tattoo, a copy of an intricate design found on the marble floor inside a tower of the former SS headquarters at Wewelsburg Castle.

When Patatas, originally from Portugal but then living in Banbury, was asked about her feelings regarding Hitler and the Nazis, she said she did “not agree with the Nazis’ execution of the Jews and does not support the Nazi Party or Nazism as a whole”.

National Action court case
A selfie of Claudia Patatas found on her phone, displaying the SS-inspired neo-Nazi black sun symbol on a flag behind her. (West Midlands Police/PA)

However, in a Telegram chat group used by herself and other National Action members, she discussed in February last year celebrating Hitler’s birthday.

Patatas said: “Let’s do it. Yes, 20th April.

“I did celebrate his birthday with mates in Lisbon (Portugal). Years ago.

“We had a cake with the Fuhrer’s face. I did struggle to slice his face.”

She added: “Adolf is life.”

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