Young schoolboy booted off bus and into rain by jobsworth driver

An 11-year-old schoolboy was booted off his school bus in the pouring rain by a jobsworth driver - because he was too cold to get his pass out of its clear plastic holder.

Sam Storey was forced to walk home amid the downpour after being told he was not allowed to travel on the 519 service to his school - even though he had a bus pass inside a see-through lanyard.

Despite his photo ID being clearly on display, young Sam was told he was taking too long to scan the card, so he had to get off the bus.

He had to knock on neighbours' doors until he was able to find one was able to take him the three miles to Towers School in Ashford, Kent, because his own parents had already gone to work.

Sam's mother Cassey has complained to bus company Stagecoach following the incident.

She told Kent Online: "If he wasn't allowed because he didn't have his bus pass I'd understand. But the fact he was in that weather, he's small, he's wet, it's only his first term and the driver could see his pass but still wouldn't help him just makes me question who would do such a thing."

Meanwhile, a Stagecoach spokesperson said: "We were very concerned to hear this - we expect our drivers to make decisions best on the welfare of the customer involved. We are looking into the exact circumstances and we are very sorry that on this occasion, this passenger did not feel he could travel with us."

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