Homeowners scare off would-be burglars with smart security camera speakers

Homeowners are now increasingly protecting their properties remotely thanks to high-tech security cameras.

Through alerts to their smartphones, they are able to see who is at their front door. If the guest is unwanted, they can tell them to leave.

And in some case these homeowners have been able to confront brazen burglars with great success.

Most recently, a man in Edmonton, Canada, watched as two would-be thieves attempted to open his front door. "Get away from the door!" he yelled. And they did.

Meanwhile, in England, a cafe owner was able to shout at an intruder despite being 4,000 miles away in the Dominican Republic!

Jamie Foster of Lillies Cafe in Wickford, told the Mirror: "I got a notification about movement from my Ring camera system at the cafe. I managed to shout at him to try and make sure he left. He got in through a skylight window and stole about £50 from the till."

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