Human remains in basement may be long-lost dad

Human remains were discovered in the basement of a home in Long Island and the homeowner believes they belong to his long-lost father.

USA Today says that Michael Carroll and his two sons were excavating the basement in Lake Grove, New York, when they uncovered the remains.

His father, George Carroll, went missing in 1961 and the family apparently believed that he had always been buried in the basement.

Went out one day and 'just never came back'

Detective lieutenant Kevin Beyrer told reporters: "It was just always a family legend or lore that the father was buried in the basement since 1961.

Newsday reports that Carroll went out one day and "just never came back".

Having had enough of the speculation, the family hired a radar company to scan the basement and the sons began excavating.

Police say that an anthropologist will examine the remains.

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