Apple announces redesigned MacBook Air

Apple has unveiled a redesigned version of its MacBook Air laptop.

The update is the first major revamp of the laptop since 2010 and includes Apple’s high-resolution Retina Display for the first time.

Announced at a live event in New York, Apple boss Tim Cook said the device was designed to provide people with the “tools to unleash their creativity”.

The new device includes Touch ID for the first time, allowing users to unlock the Air using their fingerprint, as well as use Apple Pay.

The tech giant said the laptop was the “greenest Mac ever”, having created the body from 100% recycled aluminium.

The unveiling followed new laptop and hybrid device announcements from Google and Microsoft, both of which are targeting Apple’s MacBooks with their Pixel Slate and Surface lines respectively.

The new MacBook Air will go on sale on November 7 and will start at £1,199.

In a further update to the Mac line-up, Apple also announced its promised update to the Mac mini, the firm’s miniature desktop computer.