What the papers say – October 30

Philip Hammond’s Budget dominates the front pages on Tuesday.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Chancellor unveiled a post-Brexit tax cut for 32 million workers and declared the era of austerity was “finally coming to an end”.

The Times says Mr Hammond used the biggest giveaway Budget since the Tories came to power to cut taxes and spend billions.

The Chancellor sought to reassure voters and shore up the morale of the fractious Tory MPs Theresa May needs to back her Brexit deal by peppering his speech with spending pledges and a surprise income tax cut, The Guardian reports.

“No tricks… just treats”, says The Sun, reporting that Mr Hammond staggered economists by going on a £103 billion spending spree, while the Metro runs with a similar Halloween theme.

The Daily Mail runs with the headline “Phil-Good Factor!”, and says the Budget marked a dramatic shift in strategy.

Mr Hammond eased up on the big squeeze, says the i, while the Daily Express reports that he promised even better times are ahead from a “double deal dividend” if Theresa May secures a trade agreement with the EU.

The Daily Mirror calls the Budget a “great con job”, and asks: “Is that it?”

And the Financial Times reports that Mr Hammond warned a disorderly Brexit could cast a cloud over cash-starved public services.

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