Video captures moment a meteor explodes in the night sky

This incredible video made from a series of images captures the "once in a lifetime" moment a meteor explodes and then disintegrates into the night sky above a castle.

The breathtaking scene - recorded very few times on camera - was caught during an Orionid meteor shower on Saturday over Clun Castle in Shropshire.

Landscape photographer Nick Jackson, 44, had gone to shoot the 13th century edifice in front of the night sky to make a "star trail". But halfway through the shoot, he saw the meteor fly across the sky behind the castle.

"I immediately thought, 'I hope that was caught in the frame'. It's very unusual to see a meteor that big. Because I was shooting the star trail, I couldn't check the footage immediately," The Independent reported.

When he reviewed his pictures, he realised he had caught the moment, adding: "It was a sheer stroke of luck that I just happened to be shooting the series of images when it happened. With things like that, you've got to be in the right place at the right time."

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