Samantha Markle calls Meghan 'delusional' and a 'liar' after her Fiji speech

She's previously called her half-sister a 'self-obsessed social climber' and a 'pushy princess' and now Samantha Markle has lashed again after Meghan gave her first speech on her royal tour.

The 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex visited the University of the South Pacific yesterday with her husband, where she said a few words about the importance of education.

However, her half sister Markle has taken issue with one thing in particular from Meghan's speech, and took to her Twitter account to rant about it.

During the speech, Meghan touched on her own experience at Northwestern University in Illinois, claiming she paid for her tuition and got some help from financial grants.

"I am also fully aware of the challenges of being able to afford this level of schooling for many people around the world, myself included," Meghan said.

"It was with scholarships, financial aid programs, and work study from my earnings from a job on campus that went directly towards my tuition that I was able to attend university, and without question it was worth every effort."

Samantha now claims that Meghan's speech 'is not true' and that their dad, Thomas Markle, paid for her university fees.

"Dad paid her college tuition! She forgot the most important part of her speech and there are receipts to prove it," Samantha said on Twitter.

"I love my sister but this is ridiculous. You can't lie like this, Meg! Delusionally absurd"

Samantha went on to say that Thomas not only paid for her Northwestern University education, but also her time at the The Little Red School House and Immaculate Heart.

Samantha's outburst comes just weeks after she publicly apologised to Meghan on UK chat show, Jeremy Vine.

She touched on her why she and her father have spoken out in public interviews since Meghan and Harry tied the knot in May.

"I thought in the beginning, when we spoke publicly, I thought we were being open-hearted and even favourable and that fell on deaf ears and the media turned it into something it's not," she said.

"I apologise and I wish things could be different."


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