‘Role model’ Meghan meets female students at local college

The Duchess of Sussex was hailed as a “role model” as she visited female students at a college in Dubbo.

The 37-year-old attended the girls academy at the Dubbo Senior College while Harry attended the Clontarf Foundation for boys for their last engagement following a day in the city.

Kieasha Ross, 17, said the duchess was a big inspiration for her.

She said: “Us being Aboriginal girls and her being of a different race and being accepted into the Royal Family shows us anyone can be accepted.

“It’s great that someone who’s bi-racial and American can do this (marry into the Royal Family).

“It makes her a role model.”

Royal tour of Australia – Day Two
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex at a joint engagement (Chris Jackson/PA)

As she entered the classroom, giggles could be heard while a voice said “Oh she’s so beautiful”, to which Meghan replied “I’m very happy to be here”.

The duchess showed her gentle side, reassuring student Shakira McGrath-Nolan, 16, with a pat on the back when she stumbled on her words.

Later Shakira said: “I was so nervous but she told me ‘You’ll be all right’ and that made me feel better.

“She’ll be a great mum.”

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