Python drops from ceiling on to staff in China bank

Footage has captured the terrifying moment a bank meeting was interrupted when a large python unexpectedly dropped in.

The bank clerks attending the regular morning gathering, reportedly in the city of Nanning in China, were sent scrambling when the one-and-a-half metre long snake fell through the ceiling.

In CCTV footage, the snake seems to avoid falling on top of one woman by just inches before landing on the floor between her and another employee.

As the gate crasher, said to weigh about five kilograms, slams into the ground the meeting attendants can be seen fleeing in every direction.

The snake then slithered away and sought refuge under some furniture nearby.

A snake catcher was called to retrieve the python, which will be sent to a local wildlife conservation centre.

According to online reports, this is the second time a snake has slipped into this branch of the bank.

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