Mother’s death still feels surreal 20 years on – daughter of Lyn Bryant

The family of Lyn Bryant have spoken of how her murder still seems “surreal” almost 20 years on.

Mrs Bryant was killed as she walked the family’s rescue dog Jay near her home in Ruan High Lanes, Cornwall, in October 1998.

At the time, her daughters Lee and Erin were aged 21 and 19, and her grandson Keelan was 10 months old.

Devon and Cornwall Police have now developed a “crime stain” from DNA recovered from the scene.

Lyn Bryant with her grandson Keelan Taylor (Devon and Cornwall Police/PA)
Lyn Bryant with her grandson Keelan Taylor (Devon and Cornwall Police/PA)

Mrs Bryant’s daughter Lee Taylor, now 41, said: “Obviously the longer it has gone on the less hopeful we’ve become until recently.

“Twenty years is a long time. A lot has changed in our family, a lot she’s missed out on. Four grandchildren, engagements, all sorts of things.

“I didn’t think it would be this long. You kind of do lose hope after that period of time.”

Mrs Taylor, who still lives in Cornwall, said the family focused on the good times with her mother.

She described her as a lovely, kind and friendly person who “would do anything for anyone” and loved children.

The mother-of-two had been collecting Disney videos for her grandchildren to watch, Mrs Taylor said.

Lyn Bryant with daughter Lee (Devon and Cornwall Police/PA)
Lyn Bryant with daughter Lee (Devon and Cornwall Police/PA)

“She was very family orientated. Christmas was her favourite time of year, she went all out,” she added.

“Family was the main thing. She was a real home-maker. She would do anything for anyone.”

Mrs Taylor said her mother enjoyed walking the family’s rescue dog, a lurcher named Jay, which they had owned for six years.

When asked about how the last 20 years had been for the family, Mrs Taylor said: “It’s a very surreal part of our lives.

“It’s still surreal even now. You’d think 20 years – you’d kind of be used to it but it’s still almost like a bad dream that’s just always there.”

Lyn Bryant with daughters Erin and Lee (Devon and Cornwall Police/PA)
Lyn Bryant with daughters Erin and Lee (Devon and Cornwall Police/PA)

She appealed for anyone with information to come forward, particularly following the development of the crime stain.

Mrs Taylor said that breakthrough gave the family hope but people still needed to provide any information to “help connect the dots”.

“I know it’s been 20 years and I’m sure people think ‘Well, what are they going to do now, it’s so long ago’ but they do now have some new forensic evidence and all they need is a name, any information that could help them in the investigation could make a real difference,” Mrs Taylor said.

“You may be in a different relationship now, you may have suspected someone twenty years ago but couldn’t say anything, but now actually you can. If you can, please get in touch.”

Mrs Taylor was speaking at Bodmin police station with her son Keelan, now 20.

Mr Taylor also appealed for people to come forward with information about his grandmother’s death.

“I don’t remember her because it was quite a while ago but I think just the absence of having her there is all I’ve got and imagining what it could have been like having her there throughout my life,” he said.

“I’ve got other grandparents but it would have been nice to see her, growing up.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Devon and Cornwall Police’s dedicated incident room on 0800 096 1233.