Massive blaze at coffee factory in Kent

Firefighters were called to a huge fire that broke out at a coffee factory on an industrial estate in Dartford, Kent.

Footage shows flames engulfing a large building as a huge cloud of smoke billows into the air.

Residents living nearby were forced to keep doors and windows closed due to the smoke.

"I went to my balcony and could see many people outside of their homes and could see huge flames from the UCC Coffee Factory which is just opposite my block of flats,'' said one resident.

"'There were around five fire engines on the scene at the time - and police. The houses opposite the factory were evacuated. Flames were high and very thick black smoke was filling the air.

''We could hear small explosions inside the factory," she added.

"We had a knock on our door at around 6.50 am from the police asking us to evacuate. As we left the fire was still going but firemen seemed to have it under control, firemen on a crane trying to extinguish the flames."

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