M26 motorway secretly being turned into giant Brexit car park

Work has started to turn the M26 motorway into a car pack to deal with gridlock caused by a no-deal Brexit.

A furious Tory MP told the House of Commons that preparations had started in his constituency to turn the major motorway into a 'parking lot'.

Tom Tugendhat, who represents Tonbridge and Malling, said Highways England began works on Wednesday night despite numerous assurances that nothing was planned.

There is concern that leaving the EU without a deal will result in major delays at the nearby port of Dover as goods entering the UK will need to be checked. Currently goods coming in from countries in the single market can enter the country without checks being required.

Mr Tugendhat aimed his comments at Transport Secretary Chris Grayling.

He fumed: "It's come to a pretty pass when a Member finds out that works have begun on a motorway to turn that motorway into a parking lot without consultation either with the local community or with surrounding members.

"The M26 works started last night. I wrote to (Mr Grayling) in April asking whether or not this would happen.


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"I was assured the works were not planned and only yesterday was it confirmed to me that Highways England had said that is exactly what was planned, despite having told me the reverse a week earlier."

He urged Mr Grayling to explain how the planning permission was granted with 'no consultation'.

Tory MP Tom Tugendhat blasted the secret plan in the House of Commons (YouTube)
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said he did not expect any of the no-deal Brexit contingencies to be required (Getty)

Mr Grayling said he did not expect any of the no-deal Brexit contingencies to be required as he believes a deal will be struck with Brussels.

The Transport Secretary said he was happy to meet Mr Tugendhat to discuss the issue.

A spokesman for Highways England said: "As part of wider resilience planning, Highways England has been asked by the Department for Transport to develop plans to utilise the M26 to hold heavy goods vehicles, should further capacity be required in the future.

"We will be undertaking site surveys on the M26 during October leading to the installation of two gates in the central reservation to support the safe management of freight in the future, if needed."

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