Man sues Walt Disney World over ruined engagement

Proposing — the most magical moment of your relationship — at the most magical place on earth sounds perfect in theory, but one man claims that Walt Disney World ruined his engagement. On top of that, he says he was wrongly accused of assaulting a worker at the park.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Marc Rubin, 57, was picking out the perfect spot to propose in front of Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom when a 24-year-old Disney employee, Nicole Guzman-Ortiz, asked him to move from the parade route.

According to Fox News, the arrest report said that after Ortiz made the request, Rubin allegedly screamed at her, grabbed her shirt, and threatened to punch her in the face.

Now, Rubin, of Suffolk, N.Y., is suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for more than $15,000. He claims that he was falsely accused of battery and wrongfully arrested during the 2015 incident.

Rubin argues in the lawsuit that when the employee asked him to move, he asked for a "brief delay" so the rest of his group, including children, could return from a concession stand. Rubin claims that a "verbal altercation ensued" but that he never touched Ortiz physically.

At the end of the alleged conflict, Ortiz's manager arrived to assist the employee. The manager did not witness Rubin grabbing Ortiz, but he told police that he witnessed Rubin's "demeanour and arrogance" and that Rubin was also verbally aggressive toward him.

Rubin was escorted to the security office of the park and later arrested and charged, which thoroughly ruined his plans of proposing at the end of the park's nighttime festivities.

A Disney spokesperson told the Orlando Sentinel: "The safety of the people who work in and visit our parks is very important to us. We will respond to the allegations as appropriate in court."

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