Almost one in five households used charity in last year, survey says

Almost one in five Scottish households has used a charity in the last year, according to a report.

Figures published by Charities Aid Foundation also show 54% used one of the services in the last month.

But it was better-off households which were found to be more likely to have taken advantage of what is available from charities.

Sir John Low, chief executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, said: “Charities are central to everyone’s lives.

“They provide help and advice, medical support and care, places in which to relax and opportunities to learn and be inspired.

“While charities in Scotland have a proud history going back hundreds of years we cannot sit back and assume they will always be valued and supported.

“It is important that we remember the central role civil society plays in our country and do all we can to nurture and build that great tradition of generosity that makes our society what it is.”

It was also shown that those of social class ABC1 were more likely to have used a number of specific services.

The Charity Street Scotland report shows nine in 10 people across Scotland have used a charity service at some point in their lives.

This could be for advice, support, help in times of need or as somewhere to visit on a day out.

Those aged between 18 and 34 were found to have used them more on average than other age groups over the past 12 months.

But 27% of all respondents said they are often unaware that the service they or someone in their household had used was provided by a charity.

There were 502 people in Scotland who took part in the survey.

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