Watch: Theresa May performs bizarre dance as she arrives on stage for crucial conference speech

Theresa May showed no sign of pressure ahead of her crucial conference speech, arriving on stage DANCING to Abba.

In a nod to her Africa dance exploits that went viral, the Prime Minister had a boogie and sang to Dancing Queen to rapturous applause.

Starting the speech in a buoyant mood, Mrs May also joked about her time as Home Secretary, telling delegates: 'It's not always glamorous.

Theresa May danced her way on stage at the Conservative Party conference (PA)

'I have seen the trailers for Bodyguard – and let me tell you it was not like that in my day.'

But it was the PM's dancing that had everyone talking, with some praising her for her relaxed start, while others simply cringed at her antics:

The PM's dancing was most recently mocked as she joined in with dancing pupils and scouts on a recent trade trip to Africa.

She said of her dance moves: 'The children were so enthusiastic about the dancing and I thought it was important to join in. I was trying to copy their moves.

'I took the mickey-taking in good heart, which is why I tweeted that TV Strictly competitors should get in touch if they needed any tips. All tongue in cheek, of course.'

- This article originally appeared on Yahoo
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