Motorist refuses to pull over despite driving on just three wheels

Staff writer

This is the moment a hatchback limped along a major UK motorway for 15 miles with just three wheels.

Dashcam footage captured on Saturday (September 29) on the M6 in Staffordshire shows the incredible scenes unfolding.

An HGV driver spots the silver Golf moving along slowly in the left lane as roadworks block the hard shoulder just past the Stafford services.

To the HGV driver's amazement, the Golf's rear offside wheel was missing and the motorist was trundling along on the vehicle's rim.

This prompted the concerned lorry driver to call the police, only to be told they were aware of the situation.

After a 45-minute break at Keele services, the HGV driver continues northbound before he spots the same Golf, one hour later.

The HGV driver said: "I can't believe that the police have allowed this driver to continue at 15mph on the motorway.

"It was only about 15 miles between my first sighting and the second and it took the Golf driver a whole hour to do it."

It is unknown what happened to the driver of the three-wheeled Golf.