Diesel prices hiked for 13th consecutive week

Diesel car owners have been hit by a 13th successive week of rising fuel costs.

Prices have increased each week since July 2, representing the longest consecutive streak of rises in more than two years.

The average cost of diesel in the UK now stands at almost £1.35 per litre.

According to the RAC Foundation, the wholesale prices of both petrol and diesel have risen sharply in the past week, reflecting a rise in the oil price.

Brent crude is now trading at around 85 US dollars a barrel, the highest level since the end of October 2014 and significantly above the low of about 28 US dollars a barrel seen in early 2016.

The RAC Foundation warned that pump prices are likely to rise over the next two weeks as it takes time for the full impact of oil and wholesale price changes to have an impact on forecourts.

Both diesel and petrol prices have spiralled in recent weeks, reaching a high of more than four years.

Over the past six months the cost of filling up a typical 55-litre family car that runs on petrol or diesel has risen by around £6.

But four major supermarkets cut petrol prices by up to 2p per litre last week, leading to a fall in the average cost of filling up of 0.6p to almost £1.30.

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