Journalist called 'Mr Kurd' by Donald Trump defends the president after Twitter outrage

US President Donald Trump at the press conference (PA)
US President Donald Trump at the press conference (PA)

It seemed like yet another gaffe by the US president.

But when Donald Trump called on a Kurdish reporter by calling him ‘Mr Kurd’ at a United Nations’ press conference, the journalist himself was delighted.

In contrast to the outrage of a number of people of Twitter, Rahim Rashid said he ‘loved’ the address from the president

Yes, please, Mr. Kurd, go ahead,’ said Mr Trump at the press conference.

Mr Rashidi responded by asking the president a question about relations between Washington and the Kurds following the collapse of the Islamic State in large parts of Iraq and Syria.

A nearby colleague claimed that the ‘Mr Kurd’ moniker was also aimed at him. They denied any offence.

Mr Trump responded: ‘We’re trying to help them a lot. Don’t forget that’s their territory. We have to help them. They fought with us. They died with us.’

It followed the president telling another reporter that the Kurds were ‘great people and fighters’. He added: ‘I like ’em a lot.’

A female writer with the Kurdish YPG (PA)
A female writer with the Kurdish YPG (PA)

But the serious matter – and others the president was questioned about – was forgotten in the immediate aftermath as social media lit up with news of ‘Mr Kurd’.

But for Mr Rashidi, it was no problem.

‘I love it,’ he said afterwards. ‘He made me happy by this sentence.’

And he even took to Twitter to he was ‘very proud’.

He later told EuroNews: ‘For POTUS to refer to me by my Kurdish ethnicity is something I’m very proud of. The Kurdish people are always ignored, so we take a lot of pride in being recognized by our Kurdish identity.


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‘From the Iranian Regime to the Turkish government, the Kurdish people’s identity is always under attack.’

He added that it was a ‘happy moment’ for his fellow countrymen and women.

The #MrKurd hashtag also became popular in the light of the incident.

Kurds, found in Iraq, Iran, Syria and parts of Turkey, have long campaigned for an independent homeland.

America has backed the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Syrian confloict, offering its fighters air support and supplies.