Circus tiger suffers seizure during show

A tiger suffered a seizure after being forced to jump through a ring of fire at a circus in Russia.

During a performance in Magnitogorsk, featuring brother-and-sister act Artur and Karina Bagdasarov, a crowd looked on in shock as Zena, a six-year-old tiger, suffered a medical emergency, animal charity PETA reported.

"It appears that Zena had no control of her limbs as she sprawled out, still pulsating with tremors. At some point, she lost control of her bowels and defecated," the PETA article noted.

"Another handler dumped a bucket of water on her, but her condition remained unchanged. Artur then dragged the lifeless-looking tiger by the tail to another part of the arena, where multiple buckets of water were thrown on her. Wearily, she finally made it to her feet."

Bagdasarov told Russian media that is was not possible to determine what exactly happened to the tiger, but said that she recovered afterwards and was drinking and eating as normal after the show.

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