Bishops tell Pope of concern about nuclear weapons in Scotland

Catholic bishops have raised concerns with the Pope about nuclear weapons in Scotland.

The eight clergymen were in the Vatican on Thursday at the beginning of their Ad Limina, which is a visit to Rome which takes place every five years.

After saying Mass at the tomb of St Peter in St Peter’s Basilica, they met Pope Francis for a private conversation which lasted an hour and 40 minutes.

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, president of the Bishops’ Conference, said: “The bishops introduced a wide range of topics which we were able to discuss at length.

“We updated the Pope on the ecumenical work being done in Scotland to ensure that friendship, prayer and common witness among Christians will grow and flourish, and he encouraged us in that work.

“We also discussed nuclear disarmament and explained that the issue of nuclear weapons had a special relevance in Scotland and was of particular concern to the church.

“The Pope thanked us for this work and urged us to continue with it.”

Pope Francis with a teddy bear and Bishop John Keenan
Pope Francis with a teddy bear and Bishop John Keenan

After the meeting, Bishop of Paisley John Keenan presented Pope Francis with Mungo the Prayer Bear, of St Charles’ Primary School in the town.