Amazing footage shows how a motorway bridge is removed

Remarkable timelapse footage shows how a bridge over one of the UK’s busiest stretches of motorway was removed.

The 150-tonne centre section of the bridge above the M6 in Staffordshire was pushed into the air by a machine before being taken away on a 90ft (27.4m) specialist transporter.

The motorway was closed for 11 hours in both directions between Junctions 14 and 15 during the Highways England operation on Saturday night.

Creswell Home Farm bridge, north of Stafford, was not in use and was too small to allow capacity to be increased on the heavily congested motorway below, which is a key north-south route.

The smart motorway project involves converting the hard shoulder into an extra traffic lane on a 17-mile (27.4km) stretch of the M6, as well as installing new technology to help smooth the flow of vehicles.

Highways England smart motorways project sponsor Peter Smith said: “This was a big and complex job that took a lot of planning.

“I’m delighted to say that all paid off and I’d like to thank everyone whose journeys were affected for their patience.”

The remaining sections of the bridge, which was 250ft (76.2m) long, will be removed later.

The upgrade to the M6 is due to be completed by March 2022.