British women locked up in Greek cell after prank

Two British women have told how they were strip-searched and locked in a blood-stained police cell for three days after a holiday prank backfired on the island of Corfu.

Shona Cox and Vicki Albone, both 20, had saved for months to pay for their £2,000 package holiday but it was ruined when a "harmless prank" went wrong.

They had met a group of men at the beach on August 24 and during an afternoon together they hid one man's clothes a under a sunbed down while he went swimming.

After being accused of stealing the clothes and a £400 Rolex watch they were later locked up for 24 hours and left with a £1,600 legal bill.

'We were both treated so badly'

"It was the most terrifying and traumatic experience of our lives, airport worker Shona told the Daily Mirror.

"From start to finish, we were both treated so badly and I've never seen anything like it. No one explained anything to us but we were summoned into a room and strip searched.

"The cells were absolutely gruesome. There was graffiti on the walls and there was urine all over the floor. There was writing on the walls smeared in blood. The mattresses were rotten and there was liquid spewing out the side of one."

A Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokesman said: "Our staff assisted two British women who were arrested and subsequently released in Corfu. We were in contact with their families and lawyers about the incident."

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